About us


Who we are?

The innovative research and development center established to conceptualize and bring to market medical device prototypes for recreational consumer and medical uses.

Center specializes in structured product design protocols and innovative research on components selection and consumer needs, to ensure fast-to-production approaches in a dynamic market.

Emphasis on improving the design and scalability of devices to ensure efficient manufacturing processes and to maximize product quality rate.


How we can help

The vape industry faces many challenges relative to product testing and standards in the U.S. market. Multiple jurisdictions have legalized medicinal and recreational botanicals and established different testing protocols for growing, processed derivatives, and delivery mediums.

Wi Labs delivers:

  • Product functionality validation, reliability testing and analysis prior to mark introduction
  • Novel product development or adapting existing devices to meet multiple market standards
  • Develop innovative and unique product designs for clients
  • State of the art development and design tools
  • Components testing and evaluation
  • Fast turnaround
  • Confidential services